We have recently launched new LoadView pricing plans to better suit the ever-evolving needs of our customers.  Planning to run a large marketing campaign and want to ensure your website will handle the traffic that will follow? Or maybe you’re a developer looking to initiate a new project and you’re looking to create, test, and deploy new features before your peak season? Whatever the case, we have a plan that can meet your needs and demands!

Please note that pricing listed below is effective as of March 20th, 2019. For current pricing and plans, please visit the LoadView Pricing Page.

Load Testing Subscription and On-Demand Plans

Performance Testing Pricing Options


The Starter Plan is $199 per month ($159 per month with annual subscription) and includes the following features:

  • Maximum HTTP Virtual Users: 1,000
  • Maximum Browser Virtual Users: 100
  • HTTP User Hours: 15,000
  • Browser User Hours: 300
  • Load Injector Hours: 30


The Professional Plan is $499 per month ($399 per month with annual subscription) and includes the following features:

  • Maximum HTTP Virtual Users: 5,000
  • Maximum Browser Virtual Users: 500
  • HTTP User Hours: 75,000
  • Browser User Hours: 1,500
  • Load Injector Hours: 75


The Advanced Plan is $1,499 per month ($1,199 per month with annual subscription) and includes the following features:

  • Maximum HTTP Virtual Users: 20,000
  • Maximum Browser Virtual Users: 2,000
  • HTTP User Hours: 300,000
  • Browser User Hours: 6,000
  • Load Injector Hours: 250


Looking for a simple, pay-as-you-go plan that gives you the flexibility to run load tests whenever you need to? The On-Demand plan is perfect for you and allows you to add funds for specific test scenarios.  The On-demand plan includes the following features:

  • Maximum HTTP Virtual Users: 1,000,000
  • Maximum Browser Virtual Users: 10,000
  • HTTP User Minute: $0.01
  • Browser User Minute: $0.10
  • Load Injector Hour: $4.00

For more information on all these plans, please visit our Pricing page.

Enterprise Load Testing

Looking to run more comprehensive, large-scale tests? We also offer customized Enterprise-level plans. For more information, get in touch with our dedicated LoadView Enterprise Team.

LoadView Professional Services

If your organization doesn’t have the necessary bandwidth to support load testing, we also offer LoadView Professional Services. Our team of experts can consult and assist with any, or all, aspects of your performance testing to keep your services, applications, and websites running smoothly.


Frequently Asked Questions – LoadView Pricing Plans

What are Virtual Users?

Device calibration is performed to calculate the optimal Virtual User Distribution (VUD) value for the number of Virtual Users per load injector server. The device tasks, complexity, and required CPU resources are considered during calibration.  Based on our experience, by default, we use the average VUD that is optimal to ensure ideal CPU utilization per load injector (up to 80%) and efficient virtual user distribution between load injectors.  Calibrated Virtual User Distribution varies based on a task type:

      • HTTP/S Test – 8 to 500 users
      • Web Page/Web Application Test – 2 to 8 users
      • Web Application with Rich Internet Application (RIA) image validation – 2 to 5 users

Why is calibration for load testing HTTP URL and web applications different?

Web application testing renders a web page in a real browser, which takes more system resources from the load injector than simply sending a GET or POST request to the web server.

When will I be billed?

For monthly subscriptions, charges are due at the beginning of the month. For the on-demand package, you are charged each time you run a stress test.