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Performetriks is a performance and security testing service provider. We strive to educate and collaborate with like-minded businesses to make a difference. Let’s collaborate.

Dana Consulting

Dana Consulting

Started in 1994, Dana Consulting consists of a local and offshore staff of certified and talented programmers and network administrators who maintain up-to-date education and experience using the latest tools and technologies available.


Darshin Vyas

  • contact:
  • location: Pune, Maharashtra, India
  • BitCrackerjack Consulting
  •  countries: India

Strategical Business Development & Product Management consultant – focused on startups & medium enterprises helping them to grow beyond the barricades of in-house thresholds. Always thrilled to take disruptive technology to the market.

Shashank Sharma

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  • location: Bangalore Urban, Karnataka, India
  • countries: India

Accounts Manager at Appointment Accelerator. We created our company to help businesses accelerate their business development and sales pipeline with qualified, quality clients. We do this by creating creative copies and systematically contacting and building relationships with your target network.

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Experts in open source and enterprise products. Web Design, Development, Hosting, SEO Marketing, Maintenance, or anything to do with websites and servers – If its online assistance you need, we are on the front line.

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