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Meet Dotcom-Monitor

Dotcom-Monitor has been monitoring the performance and uptime of websites for over 20 years. During this time, we recognized that the teams responsible for monitoring website uptime and availability would also be interested in a tool that could push the limits of their websites and applications, ensuring their systems could meet the growing demands of their customers. From this understanding, LoadView was developed.

The LoadView platform provides an even more extensive model for load testing websites, web application, and APIs, connecting users to thousands of load injectors at the touch of a button.


LoadView allows you to quickly and easily:

  • Build test scripts that emulate user interactions
  • Test compatibility with over 40 desktop/mobile browsers and devices
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  • Observe actual performance of your websites and applications under load
  • Gain insight into performance metrics that are essential to capacity planning

Not Your Average Load Test

LoadView is not a simple, internal load testing application that merely hits your website (unlike Apache’s JMeter performance testing tool). LoadView actually spins up load injectors from multiple cloud partners, geographically distributed around the world. We manage the load injection machines, so you don’t have to worry about spinning the load injectors up and down. LoadView is also not limited to simply sending GET requests to the web server. LoadView can simulate real users visiting and interacting with your pages and applications. Everything from browsing through pages and adding items to a shopping cart to more complex actions like passing dynamic content through each user session.  This gives you an even better understanding of how your website performs under the load of actual users.


Continuous Testing Evolution

Due to the cost of continuously running hundreds or thousands of load injectors, we wouldn’t advise using LoadView as a continuous integration (CI) tool. However, LoadView plays a crucial part in the development cycle, particularly when you want to establish benchmarks on both test environments and production systems. The continuous testing evolution we are referring to is the advancement of tools available to you within LoadView.  As Dotcom-Monitor continues to advance our monitoring platforms, we intend to integrate additional features into the LoadView platform as well. As tools like the EveryStep Web Recorder become more advanced, LoadView customers will benefit from these new functionalities as well.


Trusted Load Testing

Discover how LoadView is the reliable and trusted load testing solution since 1998.

Your Website Testing and Monitoring Partner

Dotcom-Monitor monitors thousands of websites for uptime and performance every minute, and the LoadView platform is just one of many tools we have available to help you optimize all aspects of your digital presence. It’s critical that your systems are capable of handling the heaviest user load during peak periods. No one wants to lose potential customers to underperforming websites and applications.  If you’re interested in optimizing your customers’ online experience, check out the additional tools at Dotcom-Monitor.com

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