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Global Testing Locations

Generate user traffic from around the world. Gain insight into global performance metrics.

Don’t overload your own network and hardware

Utilize a globally distributed cloud based system
On Demand, Scalable, Powerful Testing

Deploy your load test with power of a scalable global infrastructure at your fingertips.

Summary Session Report Device Info

Performance Metrics that Matter

Build a scenario for your virtual users. Quickly launch the test.
Gain insights into performance metrics essential to your organization's capacity planning.

Load Curve Virtual Server Load Average Response Time

Generate as much traffic as you need
without the hassle of managing servers or other infrastructure.

100% Cloud Based Testing

  • No cloud accounts necessary.
  • Virtual injectors are completely managed for you.
  • Perform millions of GET/POST requests from around the world using 100% cloud based testing.
  • No shared servers - when you run a cloud based performance test, the infrastructure is dedicated to your test.
  • Simulate globally distributed traffic, or local traffic all from one geographic location.
  • Multiple cloud infrastructures are available including Google, Amazon, and Rackspace.
  • Quickly and easily build test scripts and run from the cloud in minutes.

Test Compatibility on 40+ Devices with Multi-Browser Support

Quickly test responsive, mobile, and device-optimized web pages. LoadView offers both mobile scripting support and various resolution-dependent testing options to ensure that you're able to load test any page on virtually any device.

With the flexibility that LoadView offers, you can ensure that the mobile browsing experience on your website is both consistent and dependable across all major platforms including iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows mobile & more.

LoadView supports a wide range of mobile browsers and devices including iPhones, iPads, BlackBerry phones, Android smartphones and tablets, Google devices, Nokia phones, Amazon Kindles, and other mobile handsets and tablets.

Performance and Load Testing from the Cloud

Test any page on virtually any device.

Script, Build, Test – It's That Simple

External Load Testing from the Cloud

Test your website from outside your network, from around the world.
Deploy Large Scale Load Tests

The Power of Unlimited Cloud Infrastructure

Unleash your virtual users now!

Point and Click Scripting

Easily create complex scripts that simulate users interacting with your website. Download our free scripting tool to simply point and click through your website and record actual user interaction.

LoadView's dynamic scripting tool makes it as simple or as complex as you need. Just point and click to navigate through your site, selecting keywords and images to validate along the way.

For more complex interactions, you can fill out forms, perform searches, take action based upon the location of an icon, button or image, or even manually edit the script using your own C# code.

Load and Stress Testing

Load and stress testing represent two different levels of software testing. Load testing can prove that your website is capable of handling expected traffic loads, while stress testing pushes your servers beyond capacity limits to see how the content and delivery is affected.

Occasionally, a heavy load test may become a stress test if it hits certain bottlenecks that cause the site's performance to degrade or fail.

LoadView allows for a variety of both load and stress testing scenarios. Emulate real user interactions, building a testing scenario that delivers the performance metrics necessary to scale your infrastructure to meet the demands of your customers.

Powerful Online Load Test Tools

  • Web App Load Testing
    Test websites, web apps and mobile sites, with thousands of concurrent users.

  • SaaS / On-Demand
    Test your website using global testing agents in the cloud with a SaaS on demand testing tool.

  • API Performance Testing
    Perform thousands of calls to your API the same way your end users do.

  • Scalable System
    Start your test with dozens of users and continue to add simultaneous website visitors into the thousands.

  • Assistance with Load Script Creation
    Our expert support engineers are always available to assist you in creating the best scripts for your customized tests.

  • Expert Level Insights
    Translate test results into meaningful data using easy to read graphs and charts.


Ensure Your Website Code Scales

Whether it's hundreds, thousands, or millions of users--know your performance limits and scale with confidence.

Know your real performance limits
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Enhance Your Load Test with Video Capture of Errors

Performance Data, Detailed Reports,
Waterfall Charts and now Video Capture


Test the Limits of Your Website

Events such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday can be amazing opportunities for online retailers, unless your website cannot handle the added load from so many visitors. In this case, it could become a critical breaking point that leads to the loss of thousands of dollars. Make sure you have already tested how the additional load will affect your site before it's too late.
Comprehensive Load Testing Results
By combining the LoadView testing tool with our other platforms including MetricsView, to monitor Server Performance Counters, and UserView, to gather video capture when issues arise, you can gain a 360° view of how your website performs under all load scenarios.

About Dotcom-Monitor

Award Winning Web Monitoring Services – Since 1998

Dotcom-Monitor has been monitoring the performance and uptime of websites for over 15 years. During that time, we recognized that many of the monitoring scripts used to monitor website transactions and emulate real users on a website would also be useful for load and stress testing.

LoadView was built from the ground up with performance in mind, acknowledging that users who monitor a website for uptime and availability may also be interested in knowing the capacity of their websites and even testing the limits of their infrastructure. Learn more about what distinguishes our load testing tools apart as a leader in the cloud based performance testing segment.


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