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Our enterprise-class load testing platform offers flexible, cloud-based testing for the most complex systems.

The following technologies are supported by LoadView:

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Streaming Media

Prepare for Real Traffic

Define the number of users, user behavior, and duration through custom-built scenarios.

Define Tasks

LoadView gives you everything that you need when it comes to user simulation. Choose between HTTP/S or real browser-based testing.

User Behavior

Simulate common user page interactions by setting normal or custom delays for your load testing scenario.


Simulate virtual users through load injector servers located in over 40 geographical zones across the United States, Canada, South America, Europe, and APAC.

Load Test Behind the Firewall

LoadView provides dedicated static IPs that can be whitelisted and configured in advance, allowing you run regular tests for target resources behind a firewall.

Video Recording

The website or web application rendering steps are captured via video recording and available for further review and analysis.

Reference Server

The reference server represents a single virtual user, or external visitor, which examines device availability during a test. This reference data is used as a baseline against the full test results.

Detailed Waterfalls

Drill-down even further into more details with our waterfall charts. These charts provide a breakdown of every single element that loaded on a page during a test.

Dynamic Variables

Upload a file containing specific dynamic variables that can be used as part of your stress test. For example, a list containing different usernames and passwords can be used to log into and test portals under load.

Load Injector Control

Customize the number of load injector servers used by adjusting the number of virtual users per server.

Flexible Pricing Models

Select from pre-configured monthly or annual subscription packages, or a one-time pay as you go on-demand test.

Flexible. Scalable. Powerful.

All from one convenient load testing solution.

unique load curves

3 Unique Load Curves

click coding

Point-and-Click Scripting

geo-distributed network

Geo-Distributed Network

performance reporting

Performance Reports

Flexible Performance Testing for DevOps

LoadView empowers Agile teams with the flexibility to design multiple test scenarios for today’s most complex applications.

load step curve

Load Step Curve

Determine if your website can handle spikes in traffic by generating load with a set number of concurrent users over a specified time period.

goal based curve

Goal-based Curve

Ensure your website can handle expected increases in user traffic. Validate capacity plans and SLAs in production environments.

dynamic adjustable curve

Dynamic Adjustable Curve

Test the limits of your infrastructure by adjusting load in real-time. Gain insight into how websites or applications change as load levels fluctuate.

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