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Deliver a Flawless Customer Experience

Website load time, application performance, and web services/API scalability is essential in today’s digitally-driven world. Our load testing experts measure application performance under load, identifying bottlenecks early in the SDLC to optimize business-critical apps and deliver a flawless customer experience.

Our Proven Approach to Load & Performance Testing

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Understand your business case, explore potential test scenarios, discuss timeline and deliverables.

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Collect data from BI software, map user journeys, collect traffic patterns, build test requirements.

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Our engineers work with your team to deploy custom stress and load testing services built to your exact requirements.

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Analyze the collected data and incorporate the results into a performance testing plan.

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Review test objectives, performance results, and optimization recommendations with stake-holders to react to the data and guarantee peak performance and scalability of your product.

We specialize in preparing your infrastructure for peak traffic:

  •  Large volume load tests
  •  Pre-production stress tests
  •  Pre-event launch capacity testing
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    Web Pages

    •  Test UX under load
    •  Verify performance
    • Identify bottlenecks
    • Ensure scalability

    Web Applications

    • Real user simulations
    •  Multi-step scripting
    •  40+ browsers/devices
    • Stress test critical paths

    Web Services / APIs

    •  Simulate API calls
    •  Supports SOAP & REST
    •  Validate API responses
    • Verify SLA requirements
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    Our Load Testing Experts Deliver Outstanding Performance

    Our performance testing experts have built a proven, five-phase strategy. From SMB to enterprise, we have worked with companies and testing requirements of all sizes. Our load test consulting methodology is customized to each client’s business case to accommodate your specific testing requirements.

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    Real Users, Real Data

    Our strategy pulls metrics from multiple data sources to closely recreate real user experiences. 

    Load testing is not just concerned about fast application and page load times—the entire customer experience must be taken into consideration, whether it’s 100 visitors or 1,000,000 simultaneous user sequences.

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    Let’s ensure your website and applications have outstanding performance. 
    Contact a performance engineering expert today. 

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